4G 28S-SLD-DW-110 Colonial Fort

This 28mm fort has been designed as a French Foreign Legionary fort but it could find a home amidst the desert terrain of many an African, Middle Eastern and Asian tabletop.

The fort comprises:

a gateway with working gates

a pair of corner towers each with lift-off roof and ladder

a wall section with steps and duckboards, with attached building with lift-off roof and ladder

a large corner tower with lift-off roof and ladder - the fort’s main domestic quarters

a workshop and stable area with enough space for artillery on the wall

a corner section with firing platform - and a storage space

a wall section with steps, with stove, bench and table, and a workshop area with awning

These kits are supplied with 4GRP - Render Powder

Supplied painted and unassembled.

Miniatures for scale purposes only and are not included.

4G 28S-SLD-DW-110 Colonial Fort

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