RCM DRAG003 Brass Dragon
Brass Dragons are not the strongest of Dragons or even 
of the Metallic Dragons. They are not the fiercest nor the 
bravest. They are, however, talkative and clever.. As likely to 
talk a foe to death in 100 languages as face him in battle, 
Brass Dragons are known for being...well...unknowable. 
While good, they are unpredictable and this unpredictability 
makes them of them some of the most interesting of Dragons.
This wonderful 28mm resin kit allows you to build one, fantastic, 
highly-detailed Brass Dragon. Sharp, clean casts and easy assembly 
mark this kit. The Dragon is supplied unpainted and the pictured 
Irish warrior is only for scale and not included.

RCM DRAG003 Brass Dragon

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