NS DRAC213 - The Kin

A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America, a Forbidden Power Nickstarter special.

The Kin are a cannibal tribe, dwelling in the hills.

They do not feature in any of the Dracula's America books, they are a unique Nickstarter item.

The Posse list comes free with each Nickstarter. The Kin is made up of 8 figures: 1x Patriach 2x Ghouls, Gator and Grady 1x Grandpa with pistol and jug 1x Grannie with Rifle 1x Daisy with pistol 1x Darrel with pistol and banjo 1x Big Merle with pistol and meat hook

All miniatures are 28mm sized. Metal figures, supplied unpainted.

NS DRAC213 - The Kin

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