NS DRAC212 - The Church of Dagon Posse

A ready made Posse to use in the game Dracula's America: Forbidden Power.

Joining this Faction means throwing in your lot with deranged fanatics who live and die to serve unspeakable eldritch horrors from another dimension. Beware – the rewards are great, but the price may be far greater!

The Church of Dagon is made up of 8 figures: 1x Priest of Dagon 1x Emissary of Dagon 1x Tentacled Hybrid 1x Scaley Hybrid 4x Cultists of Dagon (3 with pistols, 1 with rifle).

All miniatures are 28mm sized. Metal figures, supplied unpainted.

NS DRAC212 - The Church of Dagon Posse

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