NS TSBX03 The Silver bayonet: Complete Miniatures Deal

DEAL ENDS January 4. Shipping in late January.

To celebrate the launch of our 2nd Wave of miniature releases for The Silver Bayonet, we have a special deal for you if you are coming to us for the first time.

The deal contains at a discounted price ALL six The Silver Bayonet Units,  British, French, Spanish, Russian, Austrian and Prussian.

The deal also includes a Veteran Hunter figure, designed by Mike Owen, that will never be on sale anywhere in the future. This Veteran Hunter figure is the kind of Adventurer who could fit into any Nations Unit.

(All the figures are 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted)

Please note, the box covers for these new sets will not be ready for the pre-release orders. If you'd prefer your sets come in boxes rather than bags, let us know and your's will be sent later.

NS TSBX03 The Silver bayonet: Complete Miniatures Deal

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