Rank & File

 While ambitious, ruthless and affluent, the Blixx are physically diminutive and not numerous. For this reason they often hire mercenaries or entire armies but most often make use of and manipulate underdeveloped peoples to serve them. Such is the case of the brooding Clopsen. A generation ago, the Clopsen were a solitary, stone-aged people with little or no technology and having only prolific procreation and a short maturation period as their primary features. Were it not for their brutish and warlike demeanor, their population would have long since exploded and the resources of their planet been exhausted. It was at this period of their social evolution that the Blixx found them.

The Blixx made first conflict and carefully fostered the Clopsen notion that they were God-men. The Clopsen with their violent nature quickly appreciated the new weapons the Blixx provided and a Cult of the Blixx soon appeared within every Clopsen tribe, clan and extended family. Within a generation, it was fashionable for every Blixx house to have at least one regiment of Clopsen soldiers which they owned and garishly uniformed in an effort to outdo the other houses (and the Clopsen often altered these uniforms to suit their own primitive tastes). The regiments and men were owned by Blixx families and officered by related Blixx while the Clopsen troopers loyally fight to serve them.